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On the 1st of every month we will be posting a NEW newsletter for you to use in your office.

You can email to your patients or you can print in off and hand it out in your office.

At the bottom of the newsletter there is a button so you can download a Word document.

You can then edit or add to the newsletter as you see fit.

How Did This Problem Happen?

It’s a common question.

Maybe the most common question asked after a doctor’s report.

From where did this seemingly out-of-the-blue problem arise?

Like a Big Cat, pain springs from out of nowhere. Pain strikes hard and fast, dizzying and blinding its victim. Our body has broken down, it needs help, and we don’t have any idea how it got to be that way.

And the answer is a lot more obvious than we tend to think.

It’s not one simple thing we did. Instead, it’s everything.

The answer, in most cases, is a lifestyle that includes symptom-covering pain medication, and supercharged cell-phones.

Too much electronic usage, and as the physical warning signs add up? We can all too conveniently silence them with something handy that is over the counter.

In other words, most of our problems don’t come from out of the blue.

Even if they seem that way.

So in effect, the answer is simple. This type of problem most often comes from ‘life.’ The complicated part is stepping back and seeing what looks so normal that it has become invisible.

Because everyday life is so ‘every-day,’ it can become hidden.

The proverbial forest for the trees has become the screen saver and the background picture. Ever present so it becomes easy to stop seeing it.

And that moment when it catches up to us - when the pain, the fear and the confusion have hit hard - is when it is hardest of all to see what is right there in front of us.

The problems that quickly strike us down - like a predatory cat - started the exact same way. Slowly and stealthily stalking us - but when they hit, they seem to come from out of nowhere.

And most often, that cat now lives in a camouflage of drug store pills and data bills.

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